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online programs for bsn

  1. 0 i have a adn can anyone suggest a good online program i could use to obtain my bsn...thanks
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    I am new here, and currently enrolled in Univ. of Phoenix Online...I start my first class in September. They are probably the most expensive out there but I feel it will be worth it. I'm also an ADN, pursuing BSN, MSN, and possibly a Ph.D too. I want to be a nurse practitioner. Good luck to you!

    Blessings, Michelle
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    There's a long ongoing thread in the Distance Learning Forum here:

    Good luck to you!

    Recieved my BSN through Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences and have no regrets.
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    You could try the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, they have a 100% online BSN program and they are accredited also.

    Hope this helps!

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