Online ACLS?

  1. Hi friends My name is Mannuel Tuttu Paul.I am from India and i am RN there with BSc Degree now doing Msc.I would like to do ACLS course due to lack of time and many other factors i am not able to go and study in institution.While searching on Internet I have found AHA site claiming that they provide ONLINE ACLS AND PALS courses.So I would like to know is it reliable and is it approved by govt. and countries,if so please tell me a site which is reliable and efficient.

    Please Replay to me ASAP
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  3. by   BunnyBunny
    I took an approved AHA acls and pals class online, but I was still required to still go to an AHA authorized class just to do the skills test, which was an additional cost.
  4. by   knittygrittyRN
    Don't trust a website that claims to have a fully online PALS/ACLS course, you should have to demonstrate your skills in front of someone to verify you understand the knowledge.