New Zealand BSN to progress to US master's degree

  1. Hi all,

    First post in a long time.

    I am a UK trained nurse (3 year diploma) with 12 years of critical care experience.
    6 years critical care nursing in the UK
    5 years critical care nursing in NZ
    the past year or so critical care practice in the US (upstate NY)

    My wife is American so permanent residency so residency has been easy-ish (minus time and expense).
    Due to my wife's career we plan to return to NZ soon

    Over the past year I have come to the conclusion that I would like to progress towards the ACNP role - specifically critical care

    My question - Does anyone know how easy/accepted a New Zealand gained bachelor's of nursing would be in the US where I would like to progress to a master's degree/ACNP qualification

    Other option is an online BSN which is horribly expensive in comparison, and would require a ton of 'general education requirements' around 12 months worth of non-nursing education. I understand that stats, and additional chemistry would be a benefit so am cool with studying papers in these subjects.

    If anyone has any advice, particularly anyone who has used a NZ BSN to gain access to a US graduate program, I would be most appreciative

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