NCLEX and ME....This PVT better BE:-) | allnurses

NCLEX and ME....This PVT better BE:-)

  1. 0 So today I took my NCLEX don't know how many questions....i was in a zone!!! I want to say I had 76 or 77 questions.....I had so many SATA, meds I had no clue of and alot of priority/delegation. Did the PVT and YES I got the "GOOD POP-UP...NOW I AWAIT MY UNOFFICALS RESULTS:-) I must say GOD is GOOD....the level of questions I got where extremely HARD!!!! But GOD:-)
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    Wishing you lots of luck, but it sounds like you nailed it!!! Keep us posted
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    I took mine on the 10th of April and I got the pop up too! If you go to your state board it might show your results already. New Hampshire had my license posted by 8am the next morning! What a relief! Congratulations!
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