MSN with eventual NP?

  1. I am looking into continuing my schooling. I currently have my BSN and I want to eventually do NP. The only problem is, all of the schools I look at, one of the requirements is 1 year of clinical experience/recommendation letters from floor nurses. I currently don't have hospital experience but was wondering is there a way to just take the core classes before being in the "NP program"?. I'd love to get started chipping away at the basic classes until I find a clinical job and can move forward. I live in Philadelphia so if anyone has any recommendations or tips, I'd appreciate it!
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  3. by   chuckster
    The clinical experience requirement seems to vary from school to school as well as by program. The Drexel MSN for the PMHNP track does not have the requirement (as far as I can determine) but the MSN FNP track program at Widener does.

    As far as starting the program while getting some clinical experience, you may find it helpful to phone the MSN program advisor or coordinator at the school you're interested in. They may be able to suggest something. We're lucky that in the Phila area, there are a lot of choices for MSN NP.

    Best of luck