List of Direct Entry MSN programs that look at last 60 units

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    Thanks for responding to my last thread. I am curious to get some info that perhaps you guys have that can be posted on this thread. I am looking for Direct Entry MSN programs for students with a Bachelors degree in another field that only look at the last 60 units when looking at GPA. I know of Western University for one. Any others that you guys know of?
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    OK I have added Samuel Merritt, and Cal State Dominguez Hills to the list of schools that only look at your last 60 units. I will be calling them to find out if that means they only look at the last 60 "degree" units (in other words the last 60 units from your BA degree,) OR if they look at your last 60 units period, whether that means from a CC or Post Bac program.

    I think this list can be helpful for people that are researching the same thing as me.