Is a online ADN -BSN program ok?? Is a online ADN -BSN program ok?? | allnurses

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Is a online ADN -BSN program ok??

  1. 0 If I am an RN & enrolled in an online RN-BSN program, would it decline my chances of being hired? Is the online BSN worth it? Would I be looked down upon? Am I allowed to do this? I am going to complete an ADN program soon & heard many are being hired with BSN only. Do you think the path I wish to take is ok?
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    Yes, it's okay and that is actually my plan. I'm graduating in May, but already looking for work and plan on starting my BSN in August or January. Since I want to work in a hospital and most hospitals are going for magnet status, it just makes more sense for me to get the BSN. Most RN to BSN programs are online, but there are a few that are hybrid. My advice is that even if it is all online, make sure that it is a brick and mortar institution just in case something happens. And of course make sure it's accredited.
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    I think it is OK. You will already have your RN license.