How to Move from LTC to Acute Care

  1. Hello all!

    I'm a nurse with two years of experience in a Transitional Care Unit (sub-acute care) looking to transition to an Acute Care facility. When I graduated, I was lucky to even find a job the economy was so poor. My heart was always set on ICU or Intermediate Care Units but everyone said, "just get some experience anywhere you can and transferring will be easy."

    Now, two years later, I'm afraid I've been pigeon-holed as a LTC nurse. I've been circulating my resume like crazy. Everyone I wish to work for wants acute care experience. It seems they are more willing to take a new grad than a nurse with experience in the "wrong place". I've even tried applying to agencies hoping they may assign me to a hospital from time to time, but they said I'd only get nursing home assignments.

    Pulling my hair out. I don't want any more years to go by working in a specialty I'm not passionate about. Please HELP!!

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