How do I choose an RN-BSN program? Help!

  1. I have no idea which RN-BSN program to choose! I have been accepted to four so far and they all cost about $20k, even the state schools. I have a lot of student loan debt from previous degrees and I'm not sure I can stomach 20k more. I found Western Govenors University and got super excited about the price. I could finish my BSN for about $3500. Here is my issue, WGU is pass/no pass and if you pass you are given a B. I have worked very hard and will be finishing my ADN with a 3.8. I eventually would like to become an FNP and worry that a pass/no pass school will hurt my chances of getting into grad school. I also have gotten into the University of Washington which is rated #1 in the country. Is paying 20k for the #1 school really worth it to get into a good grad school? Ugh, I hate student loan debt! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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