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  1. 0 Hi I'm currently attending Bc where I'm trying to finish up my pre-reqs for Famu's nursing program for fall 2015 I know its a bit far off. But I do have some questions for people who are currently in the program and who have previously applied.

    1 What was the application process like?
    2 Do I need an essay? ( I saw it somewhere but I'm not sure if its true or not or what about)
    3 Did you have to go to an interview?
    4 Did you have time to get housing? (I live 6 hours away so I want to be prepared)
    5 What was your gpa like? (if you don't mind me asking)
    6 Also what is the tuition like?

    I'm so sorry if this is a bit much. It's just that I want to get into their program soo bad! And I want to be super prepared!
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