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Certificate or Job?

  1. 0 I am currently applying for the RN program at my school, mid-march. I am fairly confident that I will be accepted however the program doesn't start until the end of September. My choices are 1. Get a job preferably in a medical environment or 2. take a 2 more courses and get a certification in Phlebotomy.

    I don't have prior medical/hospital experience and I'd likely have to quit in 6 months. On the other hand we are taking a hit financially because I haven't been working while going to school.

    So my question is what should I do? Does anyone have any input?

    My wonderful husband will support me either way.
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    Is it possible for you to work as a nurse tech or secretary in a hospital while your waiting to get into school. Many hospitals will help pay for education. From what I know of MA and Phlebotomy programes in my state they are expensive for the pay you make. These feilds would also give you good experience for nursing. Good luck with your decision. Although this tread is really about type of degree of nursing. There is a world of difference between such certifications and a nursing degree.