CCNE and WASC accrediations in CA?

  1. Hello everybody. I decided to write here because nobody can give me accurate answer to my question. Hopefully here I may find one. I am a Registered Nurse for already 4 months I want to continue my education to BSN and then MSN (NP) but I am not very clear about school accrediations in CA. The school that I want to enroll for my BSN is an online program and is accredited by CCNE only. I am concerned that when I get my BSN from there I may not be able to continue my education to MSN because the school is NOT accredited by WASC. Does California require CCNE AND WASC accrediation or just CCNE is enough in order to continue BSN to MSN ? Thank you all!
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  3. by   armada14
    Hi there, I know this thread is old, but I was hoping if you found out the answer to your question? The bsn school I may leave out of state for next year is ccne accredited and I want to move back to California for my masters(np or crna) or doctorate (if they enforce that change in 2015). I am worried if certain schools or hospitals will or will not accept that accreditation. If you have any info to spare I would greatly appreciate it!