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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I need to do a capstone project for my RN-BSN. I was thinking about a nurse mentoring program for new nurses or the RN hourly rounding to prevent patient injury. If someone can help me come up with questions/ and or picots for the above I will be greatful, Thanks Denise
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  3. by   migz
    Here's a PICO for a nurse mentoring problem. I didn't put much time into it but it might give you a starting point.

    Research Question: Will the development of a new graduate nurse mentoring program improve outcomes in (pick an area; retention of new grads, rate of med errors, patient satisfaction, etc)
    P- Population or Problem: New graduate nurses on a particular unit.

    I- Intervention: Creation of a cadre of experience nurses who will mentor newly graduated RNs

    C- Control: choose 2 similar units in the same hospital, i.e. 2 med/surg floors; implement the program on one floor but not the other

    O- Outcome: measure your choice from the question, retention rate, med error rate, patient satisfaction, before and after on both the test unit and the control unit.