Can I go from ADN to BSN degree? Can I go from ADN to BSN degree? | allnurses

Can I go from ADN to BSN degree?

  1. 0 I am planning on getting my CRNA degree. My question is, can I get my ADN, work for a couple of years and complete my BSN and then go for my CRNA? I would be an older student so I am looking at getting my ADN to begin working sooner.
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    That's probably the most common degree progession, from ADN-BSN, although you'll usually find it listed as RN-BSN.
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    Yeah, but for your CRNA, most schools want you to have ICU experience, so I'd do your best to get a tech job during school in an ICU so you can get an ICU job when you finish yout ASN.
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    My wife is Masters Level, CCRN who has over 25 years of critical care and management experience. She states that, in the very near future, the BSN is going to be viewed as the standard for nursing. There are so many RN to BSN programs out there, and a lot of them feature most of the work being done online in a distance learning environment.

    I don't know that you absolutely need to have ICU experience for CRNA school, as I know a CRNA who went from a BSN program to CRNA without ICU experience and had no problems at all. Just do some research.