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brand new to listservs

  1. 0 Hey I am brand new to this. It is a course requirement. Currently on a BSN track at Western Michigan University. I have been a RN for 15 years. What exactly does this listserv accomplish? Thanks.
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    julie771 has '15' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'med. surg., pulmoary and sleep medicine'. From 'kalamazoo, michigan'; 50 Years Old; Joined Oct '08; Posts: 2.

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    welcome Julie
    This board is a great one, you can find friends, support, information, guidance and much more. Not only in nursing but in life as well. Just look around and read some posts. You will be hooked.
    as a side note, I grew up not far from you in Battle creek I still have family there.
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    Funny, just had to join this,for a MPH requirement. i have been making sneak-peeks and liked it a lot!Just joined.

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