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In your opinion, how much more valuable is a BSN over an ADN (if at all)? I have the opportunity to complete my BSN in the same amount of time as my ADN, but it will cost substantially more. Will it pay off for me in the end? ... Read More

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    wouldn't want to offend anyone
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    I was currently trying to make the same decision and I have decided to apply to the BSN program for second degree student at College of Mount Saint Vincent in NYC. Most of the Community Colleges in NYC have waiting list and I would end up doing three or more years for a ADN. However College of MSV waives their core classes for second degree students, allowing you to complete the BSN in 3 years (1st year is pre-req. science classes and the 2nd & 3rd year is Nursing classes). I say go for the gusto and do the BSN. After I finish the BSN I don't want to go back to school ever.
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    Whatever you of luck to you.
    I chose an ADN program. I will graduate a year earlier, plus I will be able to finish up my BSN prereq's during my first year working as a nurse. In addition, the places where I am interested in working will pay for my BSN or MSN. I am near a program that does both online (Jacksonville State in AL).
    I need to get to work as soon as I can...if I had lotsa time I might do BSN but, for my location and options...ADN is the best for me to start. Also, by the time I have my BSN or MSN, the window of "same pay for diff. degrees" will be expiring and I won't have missed anything.

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