ADN or Diploma What's the difference?

  1. I'm an LPN finishing my pre req's to enter an LPN-RN bridge program. I'm ready to apply and cant decide. We have 2 schools locally. An ADN at the community college and a Diploma school. The ADN gives an associates degree in nursing. the diploma school gives a diploma and an associates in science from the same community college ( its a co-op). Whats the difference? As far as I can see, it's only a 2 or 3 credit difference in the programs. Same classes.
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  3. by   zenia1130
    Congrats on your decision to continue. I am not sure the difference however I do know that Nursing is moving foward, fast and soon most hospitals will require a BSN. I say do the ADN and if at all possible go for your BSN. Nursing needs more leaders. Good Luck my friend.