Sterile technique, to scrub or not to scrub in IR

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    As kooky as this sounds, I need to find a "source" to support the practice of (or not) required hand hygiene, appropriate attire, etc. both for the cath lab and for other IR procedures. We've looked on the SIR and ARC sites without any success. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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    The American Radiological Nurses Association endorses the standards of practice created by AORN. AORN just published their new standards of practice and I have incorporated their standards into our department specific policies regarding site preps.
    The CDC would also be an excellent resource as well as your facility's Infection Control guru. Definately check out the CDC- centers for disease control- website. Happy Hand Hygeine!
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    We also implement standards of AORN in our Interventional Radiology Department. I also know that in our Cath lab, my counterpart manager also adheres to the same practices.

    I agree there is definitely a need for some standardization in these areas.

    I am finding more and more resources available as the years go by.

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