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Recovering General Anesthesia patients

  1. 0 In our Radiology dept after a patient has had General Anesthesia (usually for a kyphoplasty, MRI, some CT's), we call PACU and they will do Phase one of the recovery. Lately it has become an issue where PACU wants us to be there for induction and recovery, and they feel they don't need to be involved. This is creating tension as we are not trained in PACU.

    I am curious how others are dealing with the recovery of Gen Anesth. patients?
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    At our facility anybody housewife that gets general goes to PACU. The only ones that don't go to PACU are the Endo patients that get MAC. ERCPs are done under General and go to the PACU.
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    we have a small PACU (7 beds) adjacent to the MRI's (3) where the RAD nurses recover the GA pts then d/c or send home