Question About Imaging and Adhesions

  1. Okay, adhesions are fibrous bands (scar tissue) holding "parts" together or uniting two surfaces together as in wound healing caused by inflammation or trauma (surgery, etc.).

    Yet my understanding is that abdominal adhesions cannot be detected by any imaging procedures. Does anyone know why that is? Most any other solid "substance" or "tissue" can be detected by one imaging procedure or another.

    If I am mistaken which imaging procedure is most likely to reveal abdominal adhesions?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Adhesions are not normally thick; then can be, but not necessarily. Think of a pair of pantyhose or fishnet stockings, or even thinner. Or it can be just the same as a thin rubber band across that is making it stick together.
    Adhesions can have a variety of appearances. Biggest cause of them? Prior abdominal surgery in that area.
  4. by   sirI

    Here are some links that might better explain about adhesions and dx imaging:
  5. by   CrohnieToo
    Thank you, Suzanne and Siri. The illustrations at the two URLs were especially helpful.