Pedi VCUGs- What do you cath with?

  1. 12 years ago catheterizing pedi population with 5fr infant feeding tube. 9 years ago a urology nurse introduced a neonatal 5fr cath which we have been using until last week. Much easier to cath with and her rationale less traumatic to the urethra. We did thread a 20g angio cath into the end to adapt to tubing for cystographin administration. The catheter was paper taped to the child/infant.

    Last week the nurse catheterized, did not secure the catheter with tape and a 22g angio was used (which is not a tight fit) and of course, this active 2 1/2 year old someone ended up with the catheter in his bladder. Good news is he passed it on his own.

    Now the Rads are questioning this catheter and say that everyone they have contacted use a 5fr feeding tube. I think one incidence in 9 years because protocol wasn't followed warrants a change in practice that may not be in the patient's best interest.

    What do you use?

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  3. by   randismom
    under 6 months or very petite, a 5 Fr Feeding Tube
    over 6 months, a 8 french feeding tube
  4. by   RADNURSE1
    Thanks......we are asking the Rads per patient what they want, because they are so different, but most are going with the 5fr feeding tube.