Radiology Nursing

In Radiology Nursing licensed nurses may network about the particular challenges faced when working in the Radiology or Imaging area. For example, the following may be discussed: Specific exams or preparation for procedures; administration of and monitoring for reactions to contrast media; administration of moderate sedation and monitoring of patients receiving moderate sedation for procedures; formulating policies and procedures; what background is needed for working as a nurse in a primarily non-nurse area.

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  1. Hypertension during Angio Procedures
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    by Spirit A-glow Jul 16, '02
  2. Schedule ideas?
    • Closed
    by RADRN59 Jul 12, '02
  3. Just wanna talk
    • Closed
    by sun Mar 3, '02
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    • Closed
    by donmurray Feb 9, '02
  5. Radiofrequency Neurolysis
    • Closed
    by GlennRoss Jan 16, '02
  6. Hey Where Did Everyone Go?
    • Closed
    by radnurse2001 Nov 13, '01
  7. Who is your manager?
    • Closed
    by radnurse2001 Oct 10, '01
  8. BUN and Creatinine prior to CAT scan
    • Closed
    by radnurse2001 Oct 9, '01
  9. I have a Question
    • Closed
    by jamistlc Jul 29, '01
  10. Re: Rad Tech's pushing IV Narcotics for sedation
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    by Jan 4, '08
  11. ? about Rad Techs VS Nuc Med Techs
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    by Jan 4, '08
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