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  1. 0 Hi everyone. I work at a large, urban teaching hospital, and I just found out that I will be transferring from my Renal Transplant unit (I also have a TSICU background) to Radiology -- I'm very excited! It's a large, busy department with a LOT going on, and I think it will be great place to learn.

    Before I decided to put in for it, I read most of the postings on this board, and I was struck by the generally high level of knowledge and job satisfaction evident in those of you who have been in the field for a while. This was instrumental in my decision, so I just wanted to say thanks to you all! And of course, I welcome any words of wisdom or advice you might have.
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    Good luck and congratulations. My move to Radiology has been the best career "accident" that happened to me.

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