A mammogram is outpatient surgery? Advice Please!

  1. 0 I had a ductogram/mammogram and recently received the bill from the hospital. According to our insurance they pay 100% w/no deductible on x-ray procedures. The mammogram I had just two weeks prior to the ductogram was covered 100%.

    When I showed up at the radiology department, with my radiology doctors order, I signed in, nobody asked for my deductible up front as they do in same day, the day before when you go for pre-op labs, CXR, and EKG. The radiologist inserted a very tiny needle about 1/8" into my left nipple and injected some dye. Then they did a regular mammogram. Now I'm being told that this was considerated a same day surgery procedure and I owe the $250 deductible.
    I was told....get this.....the doctor used sterile gloves! Well yeah! I use sterile gloves in my job all day long and I'm not a surgeon.

    I don't want to pay the $250 deductible. What would you do?
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