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  1. Hi all..first let me say I absolutely am loving my new job. Couldn't be a more perfect fit for my Type A OCD personality lol. So far I've been working on Core measures abstraction for AMI, HF and PN. I've already worked with our computer team to get one process change done! And I'm working with one of the cardiologists on another area I've identified to improve care delivery.

    So.. now I'm about to tackle learning the Vascular Quality Initiatives database. We haven't participated in this before so it's a totally new project. I am attending web based training. I have spoken with one of the vascular surgeons who is super excited and is very supportive of getting this up and going. He is very interested how this could impact his practice based on the research I am doing so I find that really exciting!

    Anyone here abstracting for this database? Curious how the training was and how it's going.
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