QI as masters degree ?? yes or no ??

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    Hey all ...

    i would like to ask ,, is there a masters degree in QI .. if there is .. under which college ??? Management ??

    Where is it best in the States ???


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    Umm, not that I know of. There are operational engineers, but that's not what your talking about.

    I find a lot of QI professionals have a masters in public health, business or nursing or even just a BSN. You might want to look into getting your CPHQ.
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    Also consider looking into clinical research management.
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    I would consider a MPH or MBA in Healthcare
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    George Mason University has a postgrad certificate in QI that can used as a cognate in a MHA. They have put the coursework online at http://gunston.gmu.edu/healthscience/
    It's a decent resource for QI information. A masters combined with a CPHQ is very impressive, but the CPHQ alone should suffice.