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Insomnia Assessment Tool

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    I am a QA nurse at a long term care facility, I am looking to create an insmomnia assessment to look at our resident's sleeping pattern and to assess if a hypnotic is needed, does anyone have one or use one at their facility?

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    I use one at my faciloity, but what I recommend is an hourly obersvation sheet, and call it a sleep monitor log, or something like that. Insomnia is a bad thing.

    Take whatever hourly monitor you have and adjust it, that way it is familiar to the staff too.
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    we do 3 night sleep assessments. Start at 2100, they go hourly, if up, the reason why the resident is up, e.g. toileting. Ends at 0700. They are done upon admission,quarterly and PRN. A 3 night sleep assessment is required prior to our nurses requesting medications. We always try melatonin first if MD agrees. Also, if they are on a hypnotic, the number of hours asleep must be tracked every day.