Hands Off communication in psych setting (JCAHO) Hands Off communication in psych setting (JCAHO) | allnurses

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Hands Off communication in psych setting (JCAHO)

  1. 0 Is there any psych/QA nurse willing to share your ideas on how to implement hand off communication?

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    It is pretty easy to develop a checksheet in Excel with the elements your units feel is necessary to communicte with each other. e.g.:

    Plan of Care
    Med List
    Pain & Level
    Nutritional Status
    Functional Status
    Care Plan & Issues
    Education Given/Required
    Self Care Deficits
    Discharge Plan

    The way we developed ours was to have our Nurse Managers come up with a list of elements they would like communicated. We merged all their replies and deveoped and trialed the list to remove or add elements. Hope this helps