Core Measure Coordinator- what are my chances?

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    I have been an at-home mom for 11 years. My experience before that included 2 years on a Pedi/Adolescent Pulmonary floor, and 6 years in an Allergy/Asthma office. I have maintained my CEU's and Texas license, but have obviously not worked in a long time. I did take some courses towards a Health Information Management Degree but was not able to complete due to the cost. I really need to work again, but would need a refresher to go back to bedside. There are no refreshers within reasonable driving distance for me. Honestly, I am not keen on floor nursing again anyway. I have found that I love the science and medical terminology aspects of nursing, but not direct patient care.

    Local hospital recently posted a job for a Core Measure Coordinator. The only qualifications listed were RN or LVN license eligible. So I am good there. I also have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    What will this job entail? I have a basic idea from what I've learned in my HIM courses. Also, do you think I have a fair chance at getting this? What can I emphasize to improve them?

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