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  1. Hello All-
    I have looked through previous reviews for Unival and their chart review positions. Most of it seems negative but dated. Does anyone have current experience with this company? I sent in my resume and got an email back with all the paperwork to get started. I am hesitant...

    Thanks for any information!
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  3. by   desertflower100
    Go for it. Once you get HEDIS on your resume a lot of doors could open for you. Don't have high hopes for these companies, just look to the future.
  4. by   sds1arm2
    I just talked to a company today called Outcomes Healthcare Information Solutions. On the surface it sounds like a cool job, but I just don't know. They can't guarantee a specific number of charts or length of project so I'm unsure. They did say $4.50 per chart and 0.55 cents per mile. Ever heard of this place?