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Trach patient in SNF?

  1. 0 I was just wondering if it's okay to have a patient with a trach in SNF due to no beds being available in a subacute unit. Any input?
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    Depends upon the facility...
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    Depends on the facility. We generally bump our patients to a SNF with their trach from the Subacute once the ventilator is weaned. Or they might go to a Rehab that takes trachs depending on their PT tolerance hours.
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    My first job as a nurse in NYwas in a nursing home. We had one big unit just for pulmonary patients, 24 ventilator beds, and the rest were for trach collar and other copd patients. Hope this help.
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    Cuffless, trached pt's should be able to go to any floor or facility, as long as proper education has been given to the staff.