Pulmonary Rehab

  1. My MIL (78) is a heavy smoker with what I suspect (from family experience) to be COPD. She has high blood pressure controlled by meds. She was recently diagnosed with a 7 cm. AAA. Her surgeon advised her that surgery, in her condition, would entail possibly months on a ventilator. He told her to stop smoking, see a pulmologist and he would reconsider surgery in 6 months. She is going to get a 2nd opinion of course. My question is:Is it possible to regain lung function with rehab?
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  3. by   dmc_rrt
    It is possible, but it depends on how advanced her COPD is, and to how "healthy" or strong she is now, as to how long its going to take. The pulmonary function tests will tell you this. The way I would look at it, is that her AAA is life threatening and this should supercede her chances of whether or not she can be weaned off a ventilator.