please help me to find the correct answer

  1. I am doing the exam :

    the question is Nurse is observed taking all of the following action when suctioning a patient who has a newly -placed traceostomy tube. which of the following action require intervention:

    A Apply suction for less than 15 seconds at one time.

    B Administering 100 % oxygen prior to starting suctioning.

    C Utilizing negative pressure of 120 mmhg during suctioning.

    D deflating the tracheostomy cuff for three minutes before initiating suction.

    which answer is correct, i am looking forward for you replay..
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  3. by   dmc_rrt
    Answer D: The nurse should not be deflating the cuff to sxn.
    It is a new trach and no trach weaning trials have been performed yet. This means that the pt's airway is not protected and possible aspiration could occur.
  4. by   RRT_charlie
    D is the correct answer. I second what DMC_RRT stated.