Can LPNS in TN change trach inner cannula

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    in the state of tn can lpns change the cannula of the Shiley 5.5>?

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    see : lpns: ventilator-dependent patients in home health

    patient care responsibilities:
    monitor and maintain patient on high flow oxygen; deflate or inflate tracheostomy cuff; monitor cuff pressures using minimal leak technique; maintain security of tracheostomy patient's airway- ties etc; disconnecting ventilator to do open suctioning; open suctioning patient while on a tracheostomy collar; use closed suction technique on a ventilated patient; use closed suction for patient on a high humidity high flow oxygen system; use a resuscitation bag to ventilate a tracheostomized patient with high flow oxygen during the suction procedure and during an emergency; change from ventilator to tracheostomy collar if circuit is preassembled and settings appropriately adjusted by rn or respiratory care practitioner; administer aerosol treatment to patient requiring disconnect of the circuit; give aerosol treatment to patients while on a tracheostomy collar; administer meter dose inhaler medication to patients while on the ventilator or tracheostomy collar; perform tracheostomy care on a ventilated patient or patient with a tracheostomy collar; change inner cannula of tracheostomy.

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