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Salary in Community/Public Health

  1. 0 Hello,

    I was wondering if the salary is about equivalent to working in a clinic?
    I am asking because I am leaned to think that nurses in that area would be making less because they are catering to ppl who are not all that well-off.

    I am not expecting to hear that they get paid as well as CRNAs but I hope it's at least decent.

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    I live in IN. At my county's health dept, the base pay is just under $20/hr. So, a little higher than a lot of MD offices.

    It's a salary position though, so they don't pay overtime pay, but you do get comp time.

    I've been interviewing for a few positions lately, so I'm not actually working there at this time. Hope that helps a little!
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    Oh, that's really their starting pay, I guess I should say. So you get more based on how many years of experience you have, although I'm not sure of the amount.