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    I am about to graduate this year and am very interested in public health. I was originally considering working in a hospital to gain some experience and then pursuing an advanced degree. Due to recent economic issues in my community, one of the hospitals just announced a hiring freeze- not sure what the impact on new grads will be. So, my question is would it be worthwhile to go straight into graduate school to obtain a MPH if no jobs are available to me (I am restricted to this area)? What type of jobs can RN's expect with a MPH? Any insight would be great!
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    I starting working on my MPH the semester before I graduated from my bsn program and continued full time while working full time in a hospital. When I finished my mph I worked as a epidemiologist (state/fed level) for a few years and I just started a new job at the state level as a communicable disease nurse. I'm basically a link between the epi team and nursing staff for immunizations, stds, hiv, tb, etc. I'm getting a mix of clinical work and pt education as well as data analysis. If you have a chance, see if you can shadow or volunteer at your local health department. Every place is different. HTH! Happy graduation!
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