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Public Health Job Question???

  1. 0 How did you all go about getting a public health nurse position. Did you hear about it through someone or know someone or did you just keep looking on the city websites until a position opened up. I have no idea how this works. I've only worked in a hospital setting and am looking to move away from that. thanks!!!
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    You can apply directly through the county or state's website (usually through their department of public health, but more than often through HR). Depending on the county you apply to, they may require a hard copy application. You can also go to and type in the keywords "public health nurse". The application process can be very tedious and lengthy. I'm actually interviewing with one county PHN position in a couple of days and am still waiting to get a call back from another county to see if I get invited for a second interview. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I get a PHN job offer soon
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    Hi did u end up getting the job?
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    I applied through the state job website and was called for an interview about a month later.