Psychiatric PHN?

  1. I'm about to complete an RN-BSN program and am trying to decide which direction/track I want to take. I am board-certified in Psychiatry-Mental Health and really want to continue to work with this population. My field experience preceptor for the PHN class I am currently in has offered me a job as a visiting psych nurse. I could see myself in this role, and would just like some additional insight/advice if anyone had the time.

    Beyond practice, I would also be very interested in salary information. This is where it gets a little "fuzzy" for me. Does this sound right? 40 visits weekly = 75K annually; but if I did 100 visits a week, I would double that? That sounds like I'd be racing around 12 hours a day just to throw some pills at someone and document. Or does it? What do I know? I am really motivated to make "real" money since my wife keeps making me put babies in her. I have considered the DNP and administration options, but there's something so appealing about being out in the community. I just don't know how realistic my expectations are.
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