Need Public Health Nurse to interview

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    I'm currently in RN/BSN upgrade program, and I need an RN in the Public Health Field (occupational health, public health, school nurse) To interview for an assignment. Any takers? Please reply back with your email, and I'll email you a questionnaire.

    Thanks a BUNCH!

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    I'll bite, but I must confess that I'm fairly new to public health. I don't wish to give my email online, but I think you can private message me by clicking on my user name.
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    same here, only in my current job a short time but I volunteered here for a couple years before taking the job if that helps. I also do pediatrics. If you want to give me a list of questions etc go right ahead and give me your email and then I can email you. or post the answers whichever I feel comfortable with.

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