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How to Organize?

  1. 0 Hi everyone!

    I just started my first job as a PHN with my county health department and I LOVE it! I consider myself a very organized person and all throughout nursing school I was very good at making my own "paper brain" tools to organize my nursing cares for my hospital patients for the day. But now that I have a wonderful, nice desk job I have no idea how to organize!

    I'm looking for any tips or advice from experienced PHNs on how you organize your office...
    -How do you group your resources and pamphlets?
    -Where do you put important "assessment" tools?
    -What information do you keep posted on your walls for easy access?
    -How do you you organize your charts?
    -Do you color code or number anything?

    I just feel lost. I was given a pretty large office with a bookshelf, ample desk space, a few drawers, and a lockable filing cabinet for charts. I also have a few "magazine" rack things and two "inbox/outbox" trays. Of course right now most of these things are empty but I know they will start filling up soon and I want to have a good framework before that happens.