Got called for interview- N. Cali county

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    I received an interview request for a PHN position in a large Northern California county (Bay area). I was wondering how I should prepare and what questions I could expect?


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    I was asked the standard interview questions (the article that is on AN right now was my interview just about word for word, with a few additions. In public health, they want to know that you can be nonjudgmental and not freak out if you are in a bad situation. I was asked a lot about going into filthy houses with bugs, how would I handle it, etc.
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    Thanks monkeybug.
    Well, I have lots of experience going into filthy houses with bugs etc. due to being in home health, so I should be a shoe-in. LOL! I've written down those questions in the AN article and am going to practice going through each of them. I'm very hopeful but know it's gonna be competitive!
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    I worked as PHN also in CA -be prepared for a panel interview. It threw me off to walk into a room with 5 other people who ask interview questions.

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