Getting Sneaky about Getting into Public Health

  1. I'm in the midst of applying to an online master's degree program (MHE) that focuses on health evaluation rather than public health (MPH) in general.

    Here is my rationale:
    In my area public health is a closed world and very hard to break into. I could take a huge chance on getting a MPH, which would qualify me for the same jobs I have been technically already qualified for. It seems like a lot of money to spend on getting a public health nursing job with a potential glass ceiling.
    Because I view public health as my career, I am thinking about adding a whole skill set to my repertoire by focusing on evaluating programs. This fits with my curious nature and my need to dig for answers, but also with my social side in engaging stakeholders.

    Has anyone else tried the end run to get into public health? What route did your career take? Was it intentional or by luck?
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