Dermatology Opportunities?

  1. Ok, everyone from everywhere:

    Is there a dermatology clinic that you know of near you... that is available to at low-cost to the public?

    Would it be worth the education and investment to sprout one?

    I have an unhealthy obsession (jk not that serious) with skincare and was wondering if there is even a market for a low-income dermatology clinic? I've been low-income before, and I remember there was no dermatologist that accepted my insurance. Which means I had a skintag for a long time!

    tmi, but still wondering, what are the prospects for an RN with an extreme interest in dermatology? Research opportunities? MedSpa? Cosmetic industry?

    If you have any ideas, or whatever you may think about these things, please post! I think some kind of esthetics is my calling, because I've always loved making facials, am consumed with beauty product ingredient lists and am very observent about other peoples' skin.
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