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Hi, I am being sincere with my question. I think most people on AN know that one of my interests is public health. I think it is wonderful to have the knowledge of how to prevent STIs and pregnancy using a condom, how to... Read More

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    Take them to my unit and show them someone with end stage AIDS. Honestly, though, I think the best approach is educating them on STI/STDs in a way that would make them weary to not wear a condom. Because let's be real, condoms aren't necessarily fun and trying to make them seem cool wouldn't work.
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    To me, I don't understand the mentality of these guys...or the women. If a guy doesn't care enough about them to allow them to protect their health, then no self-respecting woman should have sex with them and if it's a deal-breaker, then so be it.

    If I was the girl, I wouldn't care.

    So many guys think that HIV is what they have to worry about (yet few actually know someone with it), so they think the chances are less. HSV is what they really need to worry about...I have lost count of those cases.
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    Quote from loriangel14
    Why would you get into a car with or go to the house of someone you barely know?
    I've been married for 13 years and went to high school in the late 1980s, but getting into a car with someone I "barely" knew, especially in my 20s, was quite often a date.

    Even now, meeting someone a few times in public doesn't mean you know them.

    And I swear I'm not trying to be contrary. When you go on a first date (and I don't mean meeting the person in a public location - I mean a first in-the-car, go- somewhere-together date), you generally don't know the person.

    Now going to their residence? Oh, heck no!

    And to the OP: if a girl is worried about a 'more powerful', bigger male overpowering her because she says 'no', then she has bigger problems than getting him to wear a condom. MUCH bigger.
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    If I was a health educator I would promote condoms to men by talking about how a baby would "ruin" their lives. No money, no time to hang with your friends, etc.
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    Quote from chrisrn24
    If I was a health educator I would promote condoms to men by talking about how a baby would "ruin" their lives. No money, no time to hang with your friends, etc.
    This. Telling some men the average cost of child support vs. a package of condoms could be a real eye-opener (and more scary for some guys vs. a possible STI).
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    I think empowering young girls to think enough of themselves to say NO! Teach young men that NO! isn't maybe or try harder. Teach them that oral sex IS sex and any sex must have a condom.

    Teach girls that they have the power. They have what the guys want and no condom means no sex. I think teaching how to put on a condom needs to be taught (with parental permission) and that their cell phones can be used to call their parents or police.

    Teach young girls that no is no....a condom is a must and casual sex is NOT the best choice but if they make that choice do it wisely.....or tell them you have a STD from the last jerk...wanna join?

    Personally when I was in the dating scene.....I taught myself defensive tactics and a bought a stun gun.
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    Esme, I have considered pepper spray. That being said, I think the child support and maybe even the STI thing might work.

    I just want to be prepared to give people other options rather than only "no condom, no sex".
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    Quote from Altra
    I think you're missing the underlying total lack of concern present in a man's mind ... if the threat of pregnancy, fatherhood and/or sexually transmitted infections AND/OR the expressed desire of his female partner for him to wear a condom isn't enough to "convince" him ... no magic education from a nurse is going to change that.
    And personally, I wouldn't be the least bit interested in having anything to do with an idiot like that. Perhaps you can communicate that to the more recalcitrant ones. "Don't be stupid, everybody knows better than that!" can reach even the teeniest mind.
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    Show them a picture of penile warts.
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    It worries me that OP thinks that ordinary men are rapists. And that we can convince a rapist to wear a condom the same way we'd convince an ordinary man to wear one.

    No means no. If a man doesn't understand that, he needs to be arrested for rape, not getting sex education.
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