"the Challenge Of Caring In A Globalised World"

  1. 0 The 6th National AEC Congress- Symposium International Community Health Nursing will take place in Valencia (Spain) on 8-11 November.
    - 27 speakers, among them Ms Silvina Malvarez, Regional Consultant for Development of Human Resources in Nursing (PAHO/WHO, Washington), with*
    - 12 participating countries (Italy, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Portugal, Belgium, United States of America and Spain),*
    - 3 main conferences,
    - 2 international pannels (Europe-Latinamerica),
    - 3 round tables,
    - 3 workshops and
    - 6 presentation sessions
    Attendance to this event provides 7 international continuing education credits.

    6th International Community Nursing Symposium Organising Committee
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