Travel Nursing

  1. I have a BSN and 14 years of experience in Psych, both adult and adolescent . I have an active RN license in Pa. but am interested in Travel Nursing.
    I'm wondering if anyone has done any Travel Nursing in Psych or Corrections Nursing? Do any of the Travel Agencies have positions for Psych RNs?? Any help will be appreciated.

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    The best advice is to do a search on travel nurse companys and apply with them, each company covers all aspects of Nursing. So if there is a job to be covered they will have it. Just take the plunge and apply to a company that appeals to your needs.
  4. by   mag48293
    I've been sending for applications to get my license by endorsement and also contacting companies.

    If anyone has a 'head's up' on good companies, I'd appreciate it!