Switching to Days!!

  1. Hi All,
    I'm finally switching to days at a new, wonderful facility after working nights at an awful facility. I'm SO excited, but I'm nervous about working during the day. I'll be rotating between our general, gero, and acute units in the role of Charge nurse and sometimes Med Nurse. What sort of routine do you guys do? Oh, and I've done days before on a med-surg unit and in a nursing home.
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  3. by   mingez
    I'm on an Admissions unit where the most acute go. We typically get 2-4 admits durring the day, split between 3 nurses. Can be more tho. Groups start at 8 and patients have 7 therapies/day, 3 with a psychologist, OT, or therapist, and 4 group therapies like "wellness", "Goals", or recreation therapy, etc.

    Typically, if your charge, you won't be assigned to hold a group activity, which I love. Instead, you'll be doing assignments and, and dealing with transfers. At my hospital, charge gets a team of patients. However, we have a LPN who typically does meds.

    On my unit, charge nurses get less patient contact and tend to have to hang in the office more than the non-charge RNs.

    EDIT: I'm at a state psych hospital.
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