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  1. 0 Hello, I'm considering working for a state facility and have a few questions. Do any of you work at a state psychiatric hospital facility for violent offenders? What are the standard safety policies (i.e. not being alone with a patient)? Also, being a state run institution, do you run into staffing issues as a nurse?

    Please let me know anything helpful that an outsider should be clued in on.

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    The magazine Nursing just had a terrific article on correctional nursing which included psych because the "residents" are usually dual diagnosed. See if you can view this. Good luck!
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    All psych hopsitals have the potential for violent pts. I would ask about the rate of violence this hopsital has had to deal with in the past year. Balance this with the cencus and staff ratio. I would also wonder about the policy on restictive intrventions and training they require practice there.