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psychiatric nursing for NCLEX-RN??

  1. 0 I am asked to take Psy nsg from the BRN,,i am really confused if i have to apply for RN program to join the psy nsg because i might(for sure) be into the waiting list fot that??isn't there any way???
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    I would contact your local nursing schools, explain that your state's BRN requires you to take psych nursing as part of qualifying for licensure, and ask if you can enroll in only that class. Or ask your state BON if they know of any nursing programs that will let you take the one class.
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    that's exactly wha the BRN replied me,,but i really dont know if colleges let us take only one class?? but i really appreciate for ur advise,,,thank you so much Meriwhen
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    The only way you will find out if is you ask your local college...after all, the worst they can say is No