Psychiatric Hospitals in St Louis

  1. I'm a male nurse with 5 years of child psych/charge nurse exprience. It's looking like I might be moving to St Louis. Does anyone have any info about which psych hospitals are good, which ones to stay away from, and the esitmated pay for RN's in the St Louis area. Thanks
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  3. by   MAsherRN
    Hi, I'm a behavior health education consultant with SSM. We have four hospitals in the St Louis area with behavior health units. Two of our units have adolecent units and one with a child unit. We are always looking for good nurses with behavior health experience. Pay is based on experience, but I know that the SSM system is one of the higher paying hospitals in this area. SSM has also been voted Best Places to Work. I hope this helps.
  4. by   samandchase
    Thank you to the info. Do you know what the staff to pt ratio are on the child and/or adolescent units
  5. by   MAsherRN
    it depends on the shift, average 7 to 8. Of course you have psych therapist and care partners.